Sargent Library

Category: Community Services
Gayle Mattox
504 W. Main Street
P.O. Box 476
Sargent, NE 68874
Hours: Monday: 9am-3pm
Wednesday: 1pm-7pm
Saturday: 9am-12pm

The Sargent Library has four computers with free wireless internet for public use along with a black & white printer and color laser printer. We also have a photo copier. Donations are always accepted and appreciated!

Books, Computers, Internet & More

Currently the Sargent library has over 10,000 books, 150 adult audio books, 456 videos, 10 magazine subscriptions, 4 public computers, free wireless internet for public use, a black and white printer, a color laser printer and a photo copier.

The library has two brand new computers. This was made possible because of a donation from the Sargent Lions Club and a grant from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. We also used the grant money to purchase a new color laser printer. People will be able to come in and print off photos and other things. This technology is a generous gift to the people of Sargent and surrounding areas. We hope you all will come in and take advantage of it. Remember, our wireless connection is always on 24/7.

Come Explore What We Have to Offer!

Sit with your child and read a book.

Read or study next to a quiet window.

Use one of our four computers.
History of the Sargent Library

When the need for a library became apparent in 1928 a house was purchased from Harold and Luetta Perrin and was converted for use as a library. The total cost was $3500. About ten years later a brick veneer was added to the two story building. Extensive interior remodeling was done in 1966 and again in 2003.

Librarians serving the community have been Mrs. Bert Melcior, Flora Cropper, Hazel Brass, Mae Kennedy, Frieda Kennedy, Edith Tinkham, Janice Unruh, Rebecca Sorhweid, and Gayle Mattox.

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Check out catalog online! If you don't see what you are looking for please give the library a call or stop in.

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The SargentWebsite Library needs your support. We can always use donations of books and money! Thank you to all that have donated to our small town library!