5th Annual Chamber Banquet

Saturday, August 25th, 2018

Sargent Community Center
Social Hour 6:00-7:00 - Supper at 7:00
Pork loin Dinner - Entertainment - Awards
Entertainment: Joy Johnson, author of "The BOOB girls" book series
Tickets are available at Forget Me Not and First National Bank
Following the banquet, stick around for a card party and social time until midnight!

Awards Presented:
• Citizen of the Year
• Business of the Year
• Excellence in Customer Service
• Rising Star

Citizen of the Year nominees:
Lori Cox - Lori has done some restoration of a historical building in Sargent that is truly a landmark in the community. I believe many community members enjoy the memorabilia that is displayed. There is no person that cares more for Sargent's history and having it prosper in the coming years. She works hard to assist current businesses and seeks ways to bring in new business.

Jackie Ropers - She is involved in 4-H and helps the kids, Chamber as the president and helps businesses, and the Fair Board which helps the community! She participates in the community and gives back. She opens up for people when they have forgotten holidays or birthdays.

Jerry Grause - Jerry mows so many lawns and is always helping someone. He takes care of all the mechanical work at the golf course.

Nancy Nathan - She greets everyone with a smile and manages Trotter's Whoa and Go well.

Kristin Slagle - Kristin is always positive and ready to help with anything.

Mary Mason - She is always willing to help and donate.

Karl Davis – Karl volunteers for everything and is always there when you need him!

Business of the Year nominees:
Sargent Corner Market- The grocery store brings people into the community. When they come, they shop the other local businesses. We are lucky to have such a great grocery store. They also will order you special items.

Central Nebraska Medical Clinic - Provides healthcare Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays in Sargent. This allows patients of all ages to have the convenience of health services without traveling a distance.

Trotter's Whoa & Go - A gathering place for many, a great place to grab food quick, and we definitely need a place to get gas.

Mr. Rudy's Restaurant & Drinkery - They have expanded with the opening of the beer garden and provides a gathering place to eat for the community in the evenings.

Govier Brother's Funeral Home - They have helped Sargent in more ways than one. They are kind and understanding and provide services needed by everyone. They support our local businesses and provide an atmosphere of care at a time it is needed the most.

Louie's Body Shop - Louie is always willing to help someone out whether at the shop or around town.

Unruh Auto -

Excellence in Customer Service nominees:
Melanie Myers at Mr. Rudy's - Mel has a great personality to work with the public. She is very efficient and knowledgeable as well.

Joyce Hightower at Trotter's Whoa & Go - Joyce is so friendly and is the epitome of service with a smile.

Jan Oeltjen at First National Bank - Jan as worked at the bank forever (LOL!) She is knowledgeable in all areas and can answer any questions a customer has.

Brenda Brown at Sargent Corner Market - Brenda is always there to help. She is kind, courteous, and always has a smile on her face. Brenda is willing to go the extra mile and has a caring attitude.

Bailey Schneider at Sargent Packing and Corner Market - Bailey is always happy and helpful!

Nate Davis at Corner Market - Nate always has a smile and eager to help carry groceries. He will look products up and order them for people as well.

Sargent Corner Market - Friendly staff and always willing to help.

Mike Cosentino at Mr. Rudy's -

Unruh Auto - Del does an excellent job servicing vehicles and even watching for potential problems. He is always pleasant and helpful.

Rising Star Award nominees:
The Palladium/Little Red Hen Rehaberdashery/Print Shop/Good Lifer's Seniors - All of these titles can be found in one building! Lori provides a building and services for the community!

Robert's Chiropractic - A Sargent local who provides a much needed service.

Sargent Corner Market Expansion - Although an existing business, with the expansion and remodeling of the store in the last year, they provide an attractive store for the community and contribute greatly to all community projects.

April Kitt at The Nook - April is adding to her "Nook" and providing many products available to our community.

Mr. Rudy's -