Economic Development


Sargent, Nebraksa is truly in the middle of it all! Nebraska offers an array of advantages that make exploring, living, working, and doing business here a wonderful and rewarding experience.We have an exceptional quality of life, clean air, excellent educational opportunities, vast recreation, and safe environment, as well as, unmatched work ethic, business-friendly atmosphere, and lower-overall cost of living making Sargent, Nebraska a great location to live, work, play, or do business!

The City of Sargent offers a Reuse Plan for Economic Development. You can find the application in the City Forms and read the qualifications in the PDF here. The City of Sargent encourages all new businesses in our town and people thinking of starting a business to stop by the city office.

The City of Sargent is a great place to start a business, raise your children, retire, work, and play. We are proud of our small town and what it has to offer!

To contact the City of Sargent please call 308-527-4200.
Address: 106 N. 2nd Street; Sargent, NE 68874

Different Financing We Offer

TIF Financing -- Tax Increment Financing
Eligible Activities Include:
• Buying land
• Installing electrical, sewer, and water
• Dirt work

City of Sargent Economic Loan -- 5% interest loan
Eligible Activities Include:
• Land Equipment Building Structures

Sargent Rehab Grant -- 0% interest
Eligible Activities Include:
• Demolition
• Rehab/Improvement
• New Construction
• Clean up that contributes to improving the physical appearance of the Sargent Corridor

LB840 – 0%-4% interest
Eligible Activities Include:
• Loans or grants to qualifying business for fixed assets or working capital or both
• Equity investment or loan agreements for job training
• Grants or loans for public works improvements essential to location or expansion of qualifying business
• Purchase of real estate, options for such purchases and the renewal or extension of such options
• Tourism related activities
• Community events to increase tourism
• Expense for business recruitment activities
• Expenses for locating a qualifying business to the area
• Contract with an outside entity to implement any part of the program as necessary
• The authority to issue bonds pursuant to the Act
• Construction or rehab of affordable housing
• Purchase of real estate, options for such purchases and renewal or extension of such option
• Small business development including expansion of existing business
• Rehab of commercial buildings or potential commercial buildings
• Technical assistance to business such as marketing management counseling, preparing financial packages, and engineering assistance

STOP (Sargent Trade Oppurtunity Progam)
This program represents a commitment to provide these needed services for the community of Sargent and to encourage our students to return to our town.
Who can apply:
• Sargent Alumni
• People with a sincere interest in practicing their trade in Sargent

STOP application: PDF Word Doc